Town Team


PESA offers a technical development of game understanding, individual skill, and team chemistry. PESA strongly focuses on a positive learning environment. Our players are supported by a highly committed and experienced training staff.

Confidence is a big factor in sports and we make sure to help our players achieve their goals by instilling this characteristic into our training sessions. 


Players would receive:

  • High level and efficient team training
  • Individual development through private training
  • Trainer recaps of games and individual progression
  • Optional year-round training

PESA stresses the importance of developing individual skills while still focusing on the importance of playing as a team, PESA offers a fun,yet disciplined approach to training our team,My son admires and respects the trainers tremendously and looks forward to going to practice!" -Marco M. East Hanover

"Coach Dan has trained my U13B team since the team began as a U9 team in flight 9. The team has advanced in flight every year and today we are a flight 2 team. Dan's emphasis on ball control, short passes, decision making and creativity combined with his demand for proper technique have led to the individual player development which is responsible for the success of our team. He understands the game is meant to be fun and that self improvement leads to the games enjoyment. I have complete confidence in Coach Dan and both my son and our team have greatly improved under his training." -Rich G. Rockaway

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